Connect your product to hotel data in minutes

Securely read from and write to many hotel property management systems using one powerful, well-documented JSON API.

$ curl 
    -h Authorization=Bearer XXX
  "records": [
      "id": "87213bba-c0d3-4fa4-abe2-3b51e444f6a2",
      "status": "CHECKED_OUT",
      "start": 1522195200,
      "end": 1522713600,
      "rooms": [
          "name": "15",
          "type": "The Ergonomic Suites"
      "adultCount": 2,
      "childCount": 2,
      "guest": {
        "id": "7adce0e9-b96e-4a0c-b67c-1645abe0f04c",
  • Rapid

    Connect your app to our Test Hotel in minutes, and connect to real hotels in days, not weeks.

  • Modern

    One easy-to-understand, universal REST API to connect to many hotel systems.

  • Secure

    Impala uses bank-grade security, is fully GDPR-compliant and uses geographically diverse hosting.

Impala will be the last PMS integration you’ll ever need.

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Modern hotel technology needs complete data and that's what Impala provides, seamlessly and in both directions. Whether you need to read guest information, write a new transaction or receive an update on a rate change, the Impala API provides a full range of data.